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Monthly reporting is generated for each company

and their subaccounts on the first of each month,

updated through the current plan year as of the

prior month, and prior plan years as of the most

recent quarter.

We also provide several hundred

custom reports

for our clients

, and can schedule those as need-


Approach captures all claim data provided by L&I

as well as information entered by our Retro Coor-

dinators and clients. All claim data is collected,

analyzed and reported utilizing the ERIC System’s

Risk Management Application Suite.

It provides real-time information and reporting, so

as our clients need updated information we can

provide them with reporting and analysis without

waiting for the end of the month State report to

obtain it. Utilizing the power of the ERIC system

and SQL server, we can provide custom reporting

and claim analysis to our clients when requested

in hours, rather than the days or weeks required

by TPAs that use home-made or off-the-shelf

claim management systems.

We leverage the power of our technology to pro-

vide detailed claim reporting which allows useful

trending information for further analysis and pre-

ventative measures.

Approach. Reports.