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Message from Our President

Samantha Lipoma


Welcome and thank you for taking

the time to consider Approach

Management Services for your

claim management needs!

This packet contains useful infor-

mation to you and your company.

Included is a detailed explanation

of the services AMS provides to

help lower your experience factor,

increase refunds and most im-

portantly, keep you and your em-

ployees safe at the workplace.

At Approach, customer service is

our top priority. When you join our

family of retro groups, you gain ac-

cess to a wide variety of services

like claim management, safety and

health consultation, nurse case

management, vocational counsel-

ing, human resource development,

education and training and much


Our goal is to lower your experi-

ence factor so the premiums that

you pay to the Department of La-

bor and Industries decrease

which, in turn, will increase your

workers’ compensation refund.

We help you accomplish this goal

by providing you with the tools to

navigate the L&I system and re-

solve difficult claims quickly.

Please don’t hesitate to contact

us with questions or comments

as you become familiar with our

program. We look forward to talk-

ing with you again soon.

Warmest regards,

Samantha Lipoma


Saving companies

money for over 20