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As a full-service, risk management company, Approach Management Services provides the

following services, which are instrumental in reducing workers’ compensation costs to our

retro participants and other clients.

Claim Management

Our claim management services can be tailored to suit your individual needs. We assist with developing and implementing internal

claim management systems, managing problem workers’ compensation claims and

identifying resources available to keep injured employees working and industrial in-

surance costs low.

Nurse Case Management

Our registered nurse assists with many aspects of claim management. This provides

numerous benefits that extend from the office to the field and include improved inter-

pretation of medical reports, expert review of permanent partial disability ratings and

effective management of case expectations. On a case-by-case basis, our registered

nurse also meets with employees, employers and medical providers to assist with

task assignments facilitating return-to-work and recovery. In the event of a serious

injury or life-threatening emergency, we provide immediate consultation and assis-


Vocational Services

Vocational Services offered by AMS focus on early-return-to-work programs and pro-

cesses. Our in-house VRC supports our claim managers with modified duty job de-

scriptions, job analyses, job offers, collaboration with outside vocational counselors

and case consultations. Our comprehensive Ergonomic Services include worksite

assessments and job modification by a certified ergonomist.

Return to Work Programs

Our experienced staff develops customized plans geared toward meeting the specific

needs of the employer and injured worker. This minimizes time off work and maxim-

izes our clients’ productivity.

Approach. Services.