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Ergonomic assessment services are available to our clients to assist with the prevention and management of over-use type injuries.

These services compliment a broad spectrum of industries and include a comprehensive on-site review, recommendation of modifica-

tion(s), assistance in the implementation phase, as well as in-depth training regarding proper body mechanics and ongoing prevention

techniques. Train-the-trainer courses are also available and can be provided on-site.

Stay at Work Program

Our full-time administrator was recently brought onboard to assist members in collecting and submitting documentation necessary for

reimbursement of wages and expenses under L&I’s new Stay at Work Program. This program allows employers to be reimbursed for

50% of an employee’s base wage (up to 66 days or $10,000) when they are returned to light or modified duty under an L&I claim.

HR Development

Meeting the risk management needs of your organization often includes preparing personnel policies, establishing hiring proce-

dures, creating educational opportunities, employee benefits

law compliance. Our resources are ideal for small

organizations that do not have a full-time HR person or where the HR staff may need technical support on complex issues.

Expert Witness/Legal Services

AMS Law, P.C. is available for consultation on legal matters related to safety

and health, third party lawsuits, workers’ compensation and employment issues.

Their principal areas of practice include defending employers on statewide com-

pliance issues such as ergonomics, WISHA/OSHA regulatory actions, labor law

and other workplace related issues. Our legal resources have a high success

rate of defending cases and implementing safety guidelines in order to promote

a seamless working relationship between labor, management and government.

Bilingual Services & Training

AMS has bilingual claims managers that help support our claims staff in multiple

ways, including assisting with job offer letters, reviewing claim files and more.

We provide Spanish documents for job offer letters, medical releases, employee

accident reports and RTW agreements.

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