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Claims 101

Four quarterly “Claims 101” seminars are held free of charge

to introduce companies to claim management.

Our expert trainers show how to effectively manage claims,

navigate the L&I system, understand loss calculations and

answer any questions dealing with claim management.

Claims 101 seminars have consistently received high ratings

by all of our current clients.

Learn vital tools including:

• How to develop and implement an organized, easily acces-

sible claim management system

• How to use your claim management notebook

• What steps to take if an employee files a claim

• How to fill out L&I forms and write letters

• How to handle problem claims

• How to get answers from L&I

Brain Trust

Approach offers a monthly “Brain Trust” seminar, where mem-

ber representatives from a variety of industries join to discuss

claim-related issues.

Guest presentations facilitate in-depth discussions of pertinent

issues in claim management and answer questions directly.

These meetings are consistently well attended and are highly


Bring your problem claim to the table as fellow retro partici-

pants and Approach staff explore innovative claim manage-

ment solutions and share ideas and resources. Take ad-

vantage of a comprehensive learning experience that will save

time, money and aggravation.

Approach. Workshops.